Montenegro Green Building Council

GBCMELogo (2)Montenegro Green Building Council, GBC ME founded in 2009 was registered as an NGO with the Global umbrella organisation, The World Green Building Council, as an prospective Council    in 2010. The World GBC only allows one GBC for each country.
Its Mission is to:
….lead and educate society to create a balance between the ecological objectives of Montenegro, its citizens and the need for sustainable building and development, establishing a responsible, healthy, and prosperous environment that improves the quality of life for future generations. GBCME is an association of businesses and other organisations involved in the built environment.
The World GBC is a union of Green Building Councils from around the world, making it the largest international organisation influencing the green-building marketplace. GBC ME is also a member of the European GBC Network, bringing together 28 organisations from European States, as a Regional Group of the World GBC. GBC ME has adopted an organisation which is in line with other GBC’s around the world.  This puts the membership firmly in control of policy, with an executive to implement it. To help the Board, there are specialists Committees, who work on detailed policy issues. Currently there are: Structure and Policy, Membership and Marketing, Technical and Education. Execution of Board policy is implemented by the executive to implement it.. The President is the highest representative of theNew WorldGBC Logo 2015 organisation, and also Chair of the Board.
Building an EcoHouse to Passivhaus standard is not an every day thing one does.

We attended many conferences of the Passivhaus Institut in Germany and Austria to learn : what is and why build in a sustainable way, we learnt much about building to Passivhaus Standard, we also found out how little knowledge there was in this field here in MNE and building ‘GREEN’ ? Ridiculous, we have been building houses for ever and know what we are doing. Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, solar panels? The locals did not understand us!

James Collins in Danilovgrad, at a Legend meeting, 2014
Misa the Marketing Head and James Collins, President of the GBCME, 2013 at a big seminar.

Because of our activities and learning to build green while we were waiting to get planning permission and other. Colliers International asked us to help establish the Montenegro Green Building Council in November 2009, it certainly was a challenge.

Group photo of LEGEND project in Koper 2013
Darka & Anke the LEGEND Geothermal Communication strategist 9.11.2013
LEGEND committee meeting 30.12.2014

Professionals from the building construction industry and other professions and us became the founding members of the GBCME. They made James with his business background the President of the organisation, not something they were seeking, but were landed with the tasks. Anke with her marketing and business skills became VICE chair of that group, we saw it through as efficiently as possible, and as organisation it is still going strong now, July 2016. members v3
We both retired from this almost ‘fulltime’ -unpaid- job at the last AGM in March 2015, it had been a good time. We both managed to hand the jobs over to very capable Montenegrins in March 2015.