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Why Ecology, Economy and Social?
Living in the Balkans why did we stay in Montenegro?


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Environment and Ecology, Eco-tourism, pro-poor tourism, rural economic development, waste management, micro business development combined with life-long education, a long list. This has been part of Anke’s/EcoHouse Risans’ path from 2004 In Macedonia onwards, initially for one year via the VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas), working at a Disability NGO, “Polio Plus” in Skopje MK.
As a member of 4x4x4 Balkan Bridges in Skopje, Macedonia  she helped with the development of the first regional environmental NGO:
4x4x4 Balkan Bridges
from tentative discussions about recycling of waste oil in October 2004 :
4 initial member organisations from Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Serbia-(Montenegro was then part of Serbia ), came together with Macedonia being the lead partner.
Helping with the creation of partnerships and stimulation between the governments and the citizens of the four countries. Holding events to raise ‘Awareness of Green, Environmental Sustainable development at all times.
It is easy to write and read these words, but these 4 Balkan Countries did not work easily together at that time.

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