It’s Harvest time, October

The weather is still glorious, endless sun and blue sky, still not much rain and we have to keep watering some plants particularly the vines, their colour is now a dark rubin-red, the grapes are plumb close to the stem are close to being harvested. We have never had this many grapes waiting to be turned into wine and ‘EcoHouse’ grape-jam, very popular with our guests. On the left is the canopy of grapes on the Studio terrace.
Our olive tree is heavily loaded with olives, that will be another learning curve to eventually marinade them, but they may take another 4weeks, hoping the sun will be kind to us. We are having a new wall built, that’s been planned for ever and it is happening, this means: we can have a vegetable patch next year , and in our absence can not be eaten by goats, cows, sheep and what ever-else happens to call in. Our neighbours land was open to the world and these animals just walk around freely, nobody looks after them…well, it’s Montenegro! Our flowers are doing well, drought resistant plants, carefully cultivated and propagated. We have been through the mill with buying plants and bushes, we managed to revive a frost-bitten bourgainvilla or two. Two lemon trees sadly died, I was so upset, they were growing lemons, it is magic in the winter to go outside in the garden or court-yard and just pick some lemons of the tree…
James is picking grapes, we had 12 kg for making jam, and almost 100 kg of our own grapes for wine. Some 50 l of wine is secondary fermentation!
A brilliant year!



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