February – Gardening Time!

Started pruning the vine & jasmin, tidied Karlsplatz, the terrace of our Studio, it is afternoon quite sunny and warm, we have been having a Jug wind, (Jug is the local word for the South), it can be a very stong wind bringing heavy rain, but it is warm.

Tree surgeon pruning trees

Our neighbour’s trees were cut yesterday, oh joy and happiness!! They had grown about 3m since we first saw our land and now completely blocked the view of the Boka from the middle (Scottish) and lower (Karlsplatz) terraces. The top of the highest one is still there, it’s a lovely shape, but at least we can see around the edges now.

I took this view of Lake Skadar on our way to Podgorica a couple of weeks ago

We had a ‘Bora’ a few days ago, origninally defined as a very strong wind that blows from the northeast onto the Adriatic region, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and here in Montenegro, it brought quite a lot of snow.
The word is from the Greek boreas, “northwind.” It is most common in winter and occurs when cold air crosses the mountains from the east and descends to the coast; thus, it is commonly classified as a gravity wind. It often reaches speeds of more than 100 km (60 miles) per hour and has been known to knock people down and overturn trees. All that is critical, but when one tries to develop a garden, with young not so hardened plants, watch out.

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