Hot Summer’s Days in Risan, Montenegro

We really have not had any rain since mid-May! We have been watering as much as we are allowed to have, and there are times where we have no water. Switched off! I have the feeling, that this summer started earlier to get up to temperatures like 26 to 29 June, July to August we were having 29 to 40 degrees C. Climate change? Yes, definitely!
This is an article for ‘Bajkers’, as they are called here, enjoy reading.

our tomatoes August 2017


Bajkers holidays:  We have two ‘Bajkers’ for guests staying at the Studio next week, so I thought to put a few words together for them, not being one myself. Montenegro welcomes’ bajkers’, one finds many restaurants that specialise in hospitality for them. Recognise the restaurants on their big pictures of bajkers & mega machines, the best areas in the restaurants are reserved for them. Bajkers compare notes for the best roads they have experienced, and of course compare how their ‘precious’ motorbikes are doing. Our favourite restaurant in Risan is part of the bajkers, hence the photos. As a ‘bajker’ one can experience Montenegro’s natural, rugged beauty, off-beat and rural images lying on the Adriatic coast, it has mostly undeveloped natural sea coastline with Albania to the southeast and Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the northwest, one can really experience a lot of unspoilt rural scenery.

Risan Restaurant or Tiffany’s for us

The complete geographical picture of the country is so diverse, consisting of three main units: a narrow coastal plain, a lofty Dinaric hinterland and an interior Karst plain mottled with stubbly, maquis-covered hills. Roads are in very good condition, although mostly narrow in the mountains. Rain can occur in the mountains, so bringing wet-weather riding gear is highly advised. Unesco protected Kotor – an old Venetian town, Lake Biograd or the Black Lake await you, experience a bike vacation amidst amazing flora and fauna in the beauty of National Parks. Make a ‘pause’,

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