Hot Summer’s Day in August

It is 40 degrees C today, it is hot outside, definitely.    One either stays in the sea all day or stays at home in our EcoHouse, good for working, nice and cool. Sunbathing? James and I have taken to work early in the mornings in the garden, James still building his wall on the ‘put’, that is on the road side coming up and past our house, it was given a tarmac dressing last year, for the first time ever! My tomatoes are good this year, but with no or little watering it is tough for the plants. It is interesting to see, they appear to be ripe, very read in colour but don’t want to be picked, yet. To get sweeter perhaps?
But the leaves are drying out, although I water.
Mediterranean region
Around the Mediterranean  some  20% of the population lives under constant water stress
and in summer, over 50% of the population is affected by water stress. We have had very little rain if any from May to now.


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