EcoHouse Risan 2020 in May

We are in Covid-19 time, a tough time for everybody.
g events to raise
‘Awareness of Green, Environmental Sustainable development at all times.
It is easy to write and read these words, but these 4 Balkan Countries did not work easily together at that time.
Eco tourism was then one of the fastest growing sectors of the World-Wide Tourism Industry, even in 2004. different types of the ‘poor and pure’ need to be considered: staff; neighbouring communities; producers of food, fuel and other suppliers; operators of micro-tourism businesses; craft makers; other users of tourism infrastructure (roads) and resources (water).
Olives, vegetables, oranges manadarines, kiwis etc. are grown by local people today and sold on markets. Not an easy life!
Living in the countryside then, with much poverty, many Balkan people left for city life, moving to America, Autralia a more glamorous new future. But is it?
This is the Montenegro Green Building Council which Anke an This d James from EcoHouse helped to create 10 years ago in 2010, now a member of the World Green Building Council. A seminar held in spring 20011, which saw several EU Ambassadors key Government- and business people.