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EcoHouse Risan, built to Passivhaus standard.
Jasmin Corner on Karlsplatz

Montenegro is a civil, democratic, ecological and social justice state, based on the rule of law (Article 1, Constitution of Montenegro). The affirmation of the principle of equality before the law, as one of the fundamental postulates of the rule of law, is the primary function of Rule of Law Department.This is what it says on the website of “The AIRE CENTRE Western Balkan”

But, I have been subjected¬† (since 2013) to a typical case of exploitation of a ‘foreign citizen’ which is all too often unspoken and invisible in Montenegro, owing to the vagaries in the country in terms of interpretation of laws and their application in local Courts.

An attitude change is more difficult to achieve, compared to the ‘easier’ drafting and signing-off of laws. The EcoHouse Case is NOT finished yet, but it has been extremely difficult to live with this situation for so long and as a foreigner without the networks which serve locals so well.

View across Boka Bay, Risan

Ecohouse Risan is energy efficient, sustainable, cool in the summer built to Passivhaus Standard, a build to this standard was very difficult, as in 2013 not many suppliers for the build lived in Montenegro. One worked with Belgrade, not with Montenegro.
We started to find out and learn, how to build a passive house in 2010, attending many Passivhaus Conferences in Germany and Austria. Our EcoHouse design utilises natural sources of heating and cooling, such as the sun, solar panels, and air conditioning. It is built to the German Passive House standard.

EcoHouse Risan, sustainable-energy efficient
View on Unesco Boka Bay

Passive house (German: Passivhaus) is a voluntary standard for energy efficiency in a building, which reduces the building’s ecological footprint. It results in ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy for space heating or cooling.

EcoHouse is positioned on its site, built almost into a mountain to achieve the correct position so that the south faces the sun. The building envelope was carefully designed to fit into the landscape (roof, walls, windows, and floors).
PassivHaus purists would say that additional heating systems are unnecessary as the inherent design, high insulation and air-circulation provide all the heat one needs.