Beautiful Autumn

View across Boka Kotorska Bay, early evening.
Early evening sun highlighting Mount Lovćen
Nestled within the Dinaric Alps, lies Mount Lovćen, an iconic mountain in Montenegro. This distinctive peak holds great significance to the Montenegrin people, as the place where their beloved hero, Petar II Petrović Njegoš, is laid to rest. , Lovcen National Park is the heart of Montenegro. The country derives its name from this mountain.

Happy January 2019- Happy New Year

The year 2019 started with a bang, glorious weather and the temperature was quite warm in the sun, and we had plenty of it. While I am writing, we are still in Orthodox Christmas here in Risan Montenegro, it is Continue reading Happy January 2019- Happy New Year

September has arrived

we are heading for the autumn, winter is not that far round the corner, hoping this nice weather will hold for a while, but we can start putting a list together for things to do, before we are in the Continue reading September has arrived