Autumn has arrived

We have seriously had no rain for 4 months, the earth had become so dry, we managed by watering the plants now and again-sparingly- to keep them a-life. It’s tough, as water is scarce we have a water tank but one cannot connect or do everything in a new build, unless there is money around, and that is not in our case.
Our grapes have done marvelously this year, although last year had been a bad year, we had a disease and through much research, we managed to avoid it this year. We are in September now, the canopy of the Studio terrace is divine, covered with grapes, hanging down one can almost stretch an arm out to pick them. Looking forward to the day. I am not sure about the kiwis yet, we had beautiful pale yellow blossoms for them, and I discovered some small kiwis, but they take longer to develop, all very exciting, we will see the development.                                                                                                                                       
In the studio apartment we had some wonderful guests, many came from Paris, France, but also Switzerland and Italy as well as Russia and Britain. We felt we were lucky in making acquaintances with these lovely people, thank you.
We had some Bajkers from Britain, making a stop in the studio before going on to Greece, all in all some 3200 miles on a ‘motor-bajk’!

James says Good-By to our bikers, on their way to Greece now via Tirana, in Albania.



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