Life in Montenegro

Our land October 2012
Our land October 2009

This year 2016 is going round fast, we spent 6 weeks in March/April in Bournemouth, doing stuff necessary when visiting the family. The car had to be MOT. as well, driving back through Padua, beautiful Verona and then Lake Garda See, being there one realised it was getting warmer, it had been very cold in Britain, for us it was freezing!  We stopped in Padua, the world’s oldest academic garden, founded by Benedictine monks and containing over 3,500 species. Located in: University of Padua. Definitely worth a visit!
It’s been so very busy with the builders finishing the build of the EcoHouse Studio apartment, it looks stunning now!
James at the Beton Structure in 2009 on the plot.James at the Beton Structure in 2009 on the plot.


Updating my website, never easy, it’s the 14th July 2016.
It is January 2016 already, the weather has been stunning, quite warm in the sun, but unusually cold at night. With 4 C degrees frost, which set back some of my plants, half killed my bougainvillea, disastrous.
It is 9 years since we started to look for a small plot of land in Montenegro and it is 3 years when we started to build. It took all this time to get planning-permission…, which we used to attend Passivhaus conferences in Germany and Austria, found out who Prof. Dr Feist was and what does it mean to build in an environmental, sustainable, energy efficient way! Finding an architect who had this know-how and a MNE builder? Tall order.

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