Life in Montenegro, July 2016

 Our figs 2015
Our figs 2015

The weather has been so very hot for weeks 7 – 8 weeks now, going up in temperature to almost 38 degrees C. We are staying in the house where it is cool and comfortable, one has to organise the gardening or building walls or indeed the shopping has to be done early. The vegetables in the market are gorgeously fresh, home-grown so they say and most of them are. All the stores one has here are having problems with storing their goods in a temperature controlled environment, much fruit and many vegetables look awful at times, heart-breaking really the waste…

 Fig & Apple chutney, EcoHouse home-made, 2015
Fig & Apple chutney,
EcoHouse home-made, 2015

We may, perhaps get a little rain today, I do hope so. It will soon be time to make ‘Fig-Chutney’, it is truly a delight. A lot of work but delicious to have this chutney throughout the year. I vary the recipe, so will see what fruit to use this year.

It will soon be time to make fig chutney, we will look out at the market what is around on good fruit, figs should still cost more to make chutney, but we can wait.


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