Life in Montenegro

It is March 11th  2017, it’s been a gorgeous day warm, almost sunbathing weather, that means ‘working’ in the garden in our case, but easing the ‘clothing’. James has started again on the ‘Westgarten’ doing his steps down in to it, sadly the ‘Westgarten’ right at the front of the house, had been perfect. We had planted various good bushes to encourage butterflies and bees, also: Buxus sempervirens ‘Green Mountain’, it is dark-green and has beautiful foliage, but

we lost all three of them last year to a pest. New start and a different design, although one olive tree is doing very well and so our wisteria. Still doing outside work, laying new pipes to have the watering system easier, putting in guttering which should have been up, we have a new entrance, so yes, it is starting to look good.

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