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2017 is a special year, as it was 10 years ago in January 2007 when I started to travel down to Montenegro from Skopje every month, to start looking for a piece of land or a small house. James came down on weekends to have a look with me, but once I had said my husband is coming down to view the property, the price went up, there were others who were interested, and at times the price had doubled! Everything had become very expensive, foreigners particularly British and Irish people had bought up a lot of properties, the Russians had not started to get a look in then.
Eventually we found a small plot of land which we purchased, but nothing was easy and it still took until January 2013 when we started to build.

Richtfest 28 March 2013
3 flags, MNE, Scottish & Norderney


We celebrated the ‘Richtfest’ – the ‘topping-Out-Ceremony’, which took place on March 28th 2013, here is a photo. Although we were going to move into the house later that year, as agreed with the builder, but a disagreement with him  stopped everything! It was not an easy time, but as a foreigner in this country, one has little chance. Everybody wants your money. Building green or in a sustainable way? Building to a Passivhaus standard? To find local, Passivhaus accepted suppliers for windows, heating etc.? Not easy!